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Fresh Hair

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Absorbent and cleansing dry shampoo to keep hair fresh and voluminous

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Absorbent and cleansing dry shampoo to keep hair fresh and voluminous.


Fresh hair absorbs excess oil whilst adding volume to the roots without leaving a white powder residue. Provides a refreshed and cleansed feel to the scalp whilst creating weightless texture.



Shake well and spray into roots of dry hair to absorb excess oils, whilst also cleansing the scalp. Work in to create more volume from the roots and spray through body of hair to keep hair fresh and bouncy.


Organic Rosemary Leaf extract – An antioxidant rich active to protect, nourish, and rejuvenate dull hair. Also allows easy wash out and prevents build up in hair sprays.

Olive Leaf extract: Olive leaf extract is a unique anti-oxidant from the olive leaf. It protects the hair from free radical damage and reduces further hair damage caused by pollution and UV radiation.

Bamboo Leaf extract – High in natural silica, an essential nutrient, it plays a key role in maintaining the health and vitality of hair and the scalp. Aids in removing pollutant build-up and gives a natural lustre to hair.


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